Pools Registration for Summer Swimming

If you and your family do not have 2016 pool passes, you will need to get them to swim in City of WordPress city pools this summer.  Save time by pre-registering online and and then pick up your passes passes at any of these places and times.

Mayor’s Office of Consumer Information Available to You

The Mayor’s Office of Consumer Information, a local consumer program funded by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office will be there to provide free consumer pamphlets and brochures and answer consumer questions.  Consumer advocates will also assist consumers in obtaining their free credit reports and provide referrals to other agencies, if necessary. A Spanish-speaking representative will be available to assist. More >>

Energy Savings Programs for Residents

City of WordPress Partners for Community Action works closely with Western Massachusetts Electric Company (WMECO) and Columbia Gas to offer free programs to save you money, including home weatherization services, light bulbs, and resources that can save you $350 annually in energy bills. Download the program flyer to learn more >>

How do I get a parking permit or a truck permit? – For parking permits please contact the Parking Authority of City.

What are utilities and how do they relate to the City’s budget?

Almost all utility fund revenue comes from user fees, such as monthly water bills; the City sells water to the surrounding counties, including Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Harford, Howard, and Carroll Counties. Baltimore and Ann Arundel counties utilize and pay into the City’s Wastewater Fund. The Stormwater Fund allows for the City to budget and plan for the capital and operating costs associated with the City’s stormwater management system; it also funds the City’s mechanical street sweeping operations. These funds are self-supporting, which means that the services provided under these funds do not use City General Fund dollars.

Where do I send a payment for a delinquent bill shown on the Final Bill and Legal Notice?

Checks/money orders for payment of delinquent bills should be made payable to “Director of Finance” and mailed in the envelope provided with the Final Bill or addressed to:

Lisa Wolman Municipal Building,
Bureau of Revenue Collections and Business Licenses,
220 Tree Street, 
Boulder, Colorado 47802

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