providing reliable solutions to build challenges


General Contracting

Company builds, from other architects’ and engineers’ plans as a general contractor.



We develop solutions for your facility that serve your needs, in highest standards.


Steel Fabrication

We can produce almost any steel project to your exacting specifications.


Concrete Work​

Our company is one of the top contractors that self-perform heavy concrete work.


we care about architecture,materials and craftsmanship


Rock Mansion

Private Buildings

Glass House


Solid Media

Renovation • Residential Houses

Soho Interior

Private Buildings • Residential Houses

Uno Lake


Lor Frag HQ

We have the experience to meet your needs.

We build on trust.

We enjoy working with discerning clients, people for whom quality, service, integrity and aesthetics matter deeply. Whether you are a second home buyer, real estate investor, real estate developer, or a local family looking to enter the new home market.
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We tailor our services to meet your project goals!

Core Values

Continued Education: Putting resources into proceeded of developing industry and innovation stages keeps us significant in this advancing industry.

Structured Growth: Achievement comes from choosing ventures that convey gainful returns and utilizing reconciliation of organization assets.

Sustainable Building: Exploring green building practices and materials that extend building lifespan, increase energy efficiency and decrease costs

Ross Marlow
CEO Building Co.


Provide quality construction services and operational excellence through efficient planning, communication and competitive pricing.


To be fair and honest with our clients and members of the construction team. We tailor our services and teams to meet your project goals and budget.


To provide the quality of workmanship for our clients. We enjoy working with clients, people for whom quality, integrity and aesthetics matter.


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Emerging technologies converge with urban planning

Technology, Trends|

As emerging technologies converge with urban planning, a revolution of automated, on-demand and ownerless transport beckons. But is the concept of an intelligent city network a deliverable reality, or just sci-fi fantasy?

Yet, according to Siemens senior vice president Steffen Endler, Blade Runner did, if nothing else, correctly anticipate today’s world of rapid urbanisation, rising population, climate change and the birth of the technology-supported smart city. (more…)

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